ASDA Wolverhampton have historically been very supportive of our families around Easter and Christmas, and this year they did not disappoint.  We were delighted to have been contacted by the ASDA team who were kind enough to donate over 40 chocolate Easter eggs this year for the children in our care.

We have always worked very closely with the supermarkets in Wolverhampton to raise awareness of fostering and the need for foster families in the West Midlands and beyond.  In previous years they have encouraged us to host a display and table in the entrance of the supermarket, which allowed us to speak directly with the customers and answer some very valuable questions, and debunk some myths about fostering.

Each of our Foster Carers knows how important it is to make every child feel special, and

inclusive of celebrations and traditions.  For the Freedom Fostering team, we work hard to ensure that our Carers have the resources to ensure these traditions are magical and memorable for every child.

Not only from ASDA did we receive donations, but from Waitrose and Pertemps too, who both made a fantastic effort.  Pertemps are a local recruitment agency, based on Darlington Street, that deal in temporary, permanent, and contract job positions in the local market.

One of our Social Workers Krissy, and Education Officer Becky were the two staff who collected from the three businesses.  We’d like to thank everyone for their contributions and continued support of Freedom Fostering agency in Wolverhampton.