604, 2020

Council leaders call for funding for free school meals over Easter

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Councils in England have been told they will have to find the money for meals themselves City leaders have said some of England’s most vulnerable children could go hungry over the Easter holidays because the [...]

504, 2020

Stay in your cave: the Gruffalo lends a claw to the coronavirus effort

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Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s characters step up to help children through crisis Who has terrible tusks and terrible claws, purple prickles all over his back – and always maintains a strict two-metre distance from [...]

404, 2020

‘Wash your hands’: Australian comedians create coronavirus music video for children

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‘We figured what the world REALLY needs right now is another video of celebrities singing to their phones,’ says Zoë Coombs Marr  ‘Over a couple of Zooms, it got kind of Live Aid-epic.’ A screengrab [...]

603, 2020

‘He finds it hard to calm down’: one parent’s fight to get her child to sleep

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Despite restricting tablet and phone use, Clair Lyons’ son has long had trouble getting to sleep  Lyons puts the rise in sleep problems among the young down to use of technology at bedtime. Pictured posed [...]

603, 2020

Freedom Fostering Update | February 2020

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If someone were to tell you that we had bikers take the lead on our monthly foster carer training in February, it would probably elicit a raised eyebrow or two. We're not pulling your leg [...]

203, 2020

Jackie and Alan’s Fostering Story

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Jackie and Alan have been foster carers for over 10 years. From the start we always had long-term placements. That’s what we wanted. And always children with disabilities. I say a child with disabilities, not [...]