901, 2020

Amy | Fostering Stories

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I was six when I first went into foster care, and I thought it would be like Annie, with Miss Hannigan! I had never been to school that much, except for Fridays when a social worker [...]

801, 2020

Severe childhood deprivation reduces brain size, study finds

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Brain scans of Romanian orphans adopted in UK show early neglect left its mark Children who experience severe deprivation early in life have smaller brains in adulthood, researchers have found. The findings are based on scans [...]

701, 2020

Before they can be independent, we need to give children in care opportunities to be interdependent

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Throughout their early lives, young people in care are told they are on their own. It's unhealthy and we need to change the record, argues John Radoux. Do you think you are self-sufficient? Do you [...]

201, 2020

Christmas Family Celebrations!

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Each year, the team at Freedom Fostering puts on a special celebration for each and every foster carer and their families. This year, we celebrated at Featherstone & Hilton Community Centre and put on a [...]

512, 2019

Fostering film Truth Be Hold up for honour at Royal Television Awards

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A film which highlights the work of foster carers across the West Midlands has been shortlisted for a prestigious award. Truth Be Told: A Film about Fostering, produced by Spark Media, has been recognised in [...]

512, 2019

‘Where are the Black girls in our CSA services, studies and statistics?’

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A researcher explores why Black girls and women's experience of child sexual abuse is often missed, and provides suggestions for social workers and leaders to improve practice By Jahnine Davis, consultant and PhD researcher When [...]