How to Get Free Activity Packs for Children

As it’s the summer; during a cost of living crisis, we thought we’d help you out with trying to find stuff for the children to do by telling you exactly where to find FREE activity packs. Activity packs are usually filled with educational resources, puzzles, colouring sheets and other fun stuff that kids love! These packs can turn a dull day into a great afternoon where your kids can get on with their puzzles whilst you can get some well deserved R&R.

#BBatHome Activities

The first website we’re recommending is #BBatHome, which is run by the Boys Brigade and has a huge variety of activities broken down into age groups of 5-8 (called Anchors), 8-11 (called Juniors), and 11+ (called Company and Seniors). Their activity packs are quick to download and cover a range of pastimes such as:

  • Spot the difference sheets
  • Recipes such as how to create edible rafts
  • Quizzes
  • Outdoor challenges such as trying to fit the world inside a matchbox
  • And so much more!

What’s also good is that you don’t need to be a member of the Boys Brigade to download the packs!

The Entertainer’s Boredom Busting Hub

The Entertainer’s Boredom Busting Hub is filled with hundreds of activity sheets, and is constantly updated all the time. Although it contains similar types of activities to the Boys Brigade, The Entertainer’s resources use children’s cartoons as the themes. This ranges from Bluey, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Barbie, Trolls and loads more.

A screenshot of some of the children's activity packs from The Entertainer's boredom busting hub. How to Get Free Activity Packs for Children
An example of some of the activities

My Dragon Books

The ‘My Dragon Books’ were written by author Steve Herman, who supplies free colouring sheets and resources to parents/carers of children who love dragons. When you follow the link above, you can sign up your email in order to get access to the resources, and within the first couple of emails you will receive a sheet on how to draw an angry dragon and a happy dragon.

Steve Herman’s books use dragons in order to educate young people on how to regulate their emotions better.

“My Dragon Books follow the story of Diggory Doo, an adorable dragon, and his best friend, a boy named Drew. In each story, Drew helps his dragon overcome different real-life challenges (that children face everyday) in a healthy and productive way. Children learn, alongside Diggory Doo, about how to deal with social-emotional issues such as controlling anger, making mistakes, overcoming anxiety, learning manners, telling the truth, making friends, showing empathy, and much more…”

Steve Herman
A screenshot of one of the illustrations taken from Steve Herman's dragon books. How to Get Free Activity Packs for Children
An illustration from the books


Twinkl have a wide variety of free downloadable resources, not only for teachers but for carers to use too. Some can be educational, like the maths week puzzle pack or the food waste PowerPoint, whilst others might just be fun colouring sheets to complete. Twinkl is very inclusive, as they feature packs for children with SEND or other learning difficulties. Twinkl also partner with huge brands to produce interesting content, including their most recent partnership with Santander, where they’ve created a pack to help children understand banking better.

Penguin Activity Sheets

Next, is Penguin’s activity sheets. Now these activity sheets aren’t all about penguins! These resources are from the book publisher Penguin, and are aimed at children under the age of 12. Some of their packs include:

  • A mood journal pack – to help with managing your feelings
  • A Hey Duggee badge chart – for helping little ones get to bed on time
  • A saving money challenge – to learn how to manage your finances
  • A Tracy Beaker party pack – not just for children, as it contains a separate pack for adults who want to relive their childhood!
A screenshot of some of the children's activity packs you can get from Penguin. How to Get Free Activity Packs for Children

An example of some of the packs

Magic Freebies – Activity Packs

The next website we’re recommending shows a directory of organisations who provide all kinds of freebies. Magic Freebies features a selection of websites that offer children’s activity packs. These are updated all the time, so it’s best to sign up to their email newsletter to see updates. Today you can access the packs listed below.

  • Stickers and colouring in sheets from the Little Dish book club who educate children on cooking and nutrition.
  • NASA kids club – lots of free resources to help your children understand space and why it needs to be explored.
  • A fruit & veg rewards chart for encouraging children to get their 5 a day.
  • Indoor and outdoor games with Disney characters from the NHS in order to get kids up and moving.

Kindness Activity Pack | Red Cross

The penultimate activity pack we’re recommending is the Kindness Pack. The charity Red Cross have created an activity pack for children and young people to learn the importance of being kind to others. The 20 page pack includes colouring sheets to help children relax; coping strategies to help children be kind to themselves, an emotion tracker to help with regulating feelings, first aid tips and more. The pack is aimed at ages 5-14.


The final website we’re suggesting you use for free activity packs is Raring2go. Not only does this site inform you of days out with the family, but they also have downloadable activity sheets for your children to try out. Here are a few examples of what you could try out:

  • An animal detective sheet for searching for bugs in the garden
  • Environment related puzzles
  • A guide on how to make your own soap powered boat
  • Colouring sheets
  • A guide on creating your own fairy garden

Thanks for reading our blog about how to get free activity packs for children. If you want to see a part 2 to this blog, please let us know. If you’re looking for additional freebies, why don’t you check out our blogs all about scoring freebies from companies. Here’s, Part 1 & Part 2.

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