Check out our testimonials and stories from our carers at Freedom Fostering

We've been fostering with Freedom Fostering for over 10 years and we've definitely seen the growth and diversity within the company. The one ingredient that has always remained is that whenever we've visited the office or dealt with the team, we've always been greeted by a warm family atmosphere.
Anon, Foster Carer
I've always found Freedom Fostering to be very helpful. I know it sounds cliché but it really is like one big family. All the social workers and staff are extremely helpful and whenever I visit the office I'm always greeted with a smile and these are the little things that really stand out to me
Beverly, Foster Carer
As a carer I really love the training aspect of Freedom Fostering. What makes training with Freedom Fostering really interesting is the fact that you share experiences with other carers and you get ideas for alternative methods of dealing with a particular problem
Radcliffe, Foster Carer
Since I've been a foster carer with Freedom Fostering I've received a huge amount of support and they are literally on call whenever I've needed them.
Gemma, Foster Carer
I feel that Freedom Fostering have developed their service over the years and are going from strengths to strengths.
Anon, Foster Carer