The Fostering Excellence Awards are the UK’s most prestigious foster care awards. They celebrate outstanding achievement in fostering and recognise those who make exceptional contributions to foster care every day.

We are aware that due to the changing situation surrounding covid-19 there is some uncertainty surrounding future events, however we are hopeful that the Fostering Excellence Awards will go ahead as planned on 19 October 2020. If we are unable to hold the awards ceremony in October, we will find another way to celebrate and recognise our 2020 winners. Please continue to nominate the amazing people you know and work with in the fostering community and help us to shine a spotlight on their outstanding achievements and exceptional contributions to fostering!

Nominations for the Fostering Excellence Awards 2020 are now open!

Nominate today!

You can nominate more than one person, people you’ve nominated before, couples, friends and family foster carers and siblings aged 18 and under.

Please make sure that you think anyone who you nominate would be willing to accept an award publicly and appear in the media. Nominations will close on 5 June 2020. 

This year’s ceremony will take place on Monday 19 October 2020 in London. You can find out more about last year’s awards and winners and view photos from the 2019 ceremony here.

Award categories

There are three award categories overall which include a total of nine awards:

Outstanding Achievement

Open for nominations

  • Outstanding Achievement
    celebrates the achievements of a young person who has succeeded against the odds on their journey through foster care – open to 16-24 year olds with experience of foster care. 
  • Outstanding Achievement in Education (supported by The Exilarch’s Foundation)
    celebrates the achievements of a young person who has been in foster care and has succeeded in education – open to 16-24 year olds with experience of foster care.

Outstanding Contribution to Foster Care

Open for nominations

  • Outstanding Contribution by a Foster Carer (supported by The Mortgage Brain)
    recognises a foster carer/s or family and friends foster carer/s who has made an exceptional contribution to foster care – only open to members of The Fostering Network. 
  • The Jon and Kathy Broad Award (supported by Jon Broad)
    recognises the outstanding work of a foster carer who specialises in fostering children and young people with learning disabilities. Selected from eligable nominations for the Outstanding Contribution by a Foster Carer Award.
  • Outstanding Contribution by a Social Worker
    recognises a supervising social worker or a children’s social worker who has made an exceptional contribution to foster care – only open to members of The Fostering Network.
  • Outstanding Contribution by Sons and Daughters (supported by Williams Giles) 
    celebrates a son, daughter or sibling group, aged 18 or under,
    who have gone the extra mile to support their parents or the young people in foster care with their family – ​only open to
    children of members of The Fostering Network. 

Fostering Supporters

Selected by The Fostering Network

  • Fostering Community Supporter Award
    recognises a person or group of people who have given their time and effort to promote or support fostering.
  • Fostering Friendly: Employer of the Year Award
    recognises a fostering friendly employer who has supported foster carers in their employment.
  • President’s Award
    celebrates people who have made an extraordinary contribution to foster care.

Further information

For further information about the Fostering Excellence Awards, please email