In our efforts to help create an inviting environment for children and young people coming into the Agency, we are always on the hunt for new and exciting ideas to convert rooms for relaxation areas.

Recently, Becky has been focusing on creating a Sensory Corner in our Education Room.  This largely involves researching and finding toys and items that can help children that need a break from education and who feel overwhelmed and need some down time.

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We recently reached out to Kate and the team from Dunelm Wolverhampton who were more than willing to help us.  They gave us lots of bags of fabric that will allow us to create a cosy corner for the children to chill out in.

Today, we collected eight bags of varying fabrics from their store on the Bilston Road, before bringing them back to the Agency to sort through the goodies!  Becky has the excellent idea of using colours to create a sea-based theme in one corner of the room, which includes a bubble sensory lamp.

We were lucky enough to get some curtains in with our haul, so we are currently figuring out how best to use those too.  We love getting creative with our resources, and will be making some fabric samples into some fun cushions too!