Although fostering services encourage all types of people to consider fostering, it is important to fostered children to have a stable family life without any preventable disruption, such as a foster carer becoming seriously ill due to a long-term health condition.  For these reasons, all prospective foster carers have a full medical examination carried out by their GP.

Being overweight, for instance, shouldn’t affect your chances of becoming a carer, as long as it doesn’t cause you to have serious health problems or impact on your ability to provide good care for your child.

A disability will not automatically rule you out to foster a child.  Many disabled people foster children, and some may feel that their experiences mean they they have gained skills that are ideal for fostering, such as strength and determination, or the ability to advocate for a child.

Your social worker will discuss your impairment with you, including the impact, if any, that is has on your lifestyle and possible implications for parenting.