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‘He finds it hard to calm down’: one parent’s fight to get her child to sleep

Despite restricting tablet and phone use, Clair Lyons’ son has long had trouble getting to sleep  Lyons puts the rise in sleep problems among the young down to use of technology at bedtime. Pictured posed by model. Photograph: Phanie/Alamy For Clair Lyons, getting her son to sleep – and stopping him from waking up at [...]

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Freedom Fostering Update | February 2020

If someone were to tell you that we had bikers take the lead on our monthly foster carer training in February, it would probably elicit a raised eyebrow or two. We're not pulling your leg though; last month we had BACA in to present training to the carers! Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) is an [...]

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Jackie and Alan’s Fostering Story

Jackie and Alan have been foster carers for over 10 years. From the start we always had long-term placements. That’s what we wanted. And always children with disabilities. I say a child with disabilities, not a disabled child, because you learn to adjust and adapt. And then, in time, and without realising it, you don’t [...]

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Renee’s Fostering Story

Renee and her partner Jacqueline have been fostering for nearly 10 years. I originally studied paediatric nursing, but I began to feel unfulfilled in what I was doing and didn't finish my training. My partner Jacqueline, who had been teaching for 10 years, expressed an interest in doing something for the wider community and we [...]

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