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Freedom Fostering Update November 2018

Here's an update from Jade about what we've been up to in the past thirty days! October 2018 Achievers of the Month Please remember to thank The Alex and Timpson Trust for funding this project. - One for settling well into placement and making a positive contribution. - One for settling in well at his [...]

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Quick Guide to Child Development from Birth to Two Years

Social workers involved with families need to be aware of children's typical developmental stages and processes. Communication and interaction From early on, babies produce responses – such as cooing, smiling and crying. Newborns can smile and cry. Initially these are reflexes but parents/caregivers typically respond as if they were intentional communications. So the infant learns [...]

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Building a Direct Work Toolkit

Four practitioners share practical ideas and why direct work shouldn't just be for 'special occasions'. By Chantal Treanor, Lauren Thompson, Miriam Williams and Sarah Hatton, family support and protection, children and families services, West Sussex It’s probably fair to assume that most social workers recognise that understanding the child’s voice and lived experience is central to our [...]

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Announcement of 15 extra hours of free childcare for fostered children in England

On Wednesday 20 June 2018, the Westminster Government formally announced how it will introduce the 15 extra hours of free childcare for fostered children in England from September. Responding to the announcement, Kevin Williams, chief executive of The Fostering Network said: ‘We warmly welcome this announcement which comes following a campaign led by The Fostering Network and our [...]

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