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How Rap Therapy Workshops Help Foster Children Tell Stories

Where should I hide? / Where should I go? / I don’t know, I follow my soul / No sense of time, no home/ We’re just playing / If I take that, would they know? / I’m in a dark place, call me mole / Dig deeper, the roots grow / Will they get exposed? [...]

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Our Summer Foster Carer Barbecue

Who doesn't love a good barbecue? With recent weather being so undeniably amazing, we wanted to make the most of it with a celebration of our foster carers for a seasonal meal in the sunshine. Freedom Fostering arranged a BBQ that took place at one of our foster carer’s homes; Beverley. Between 2:00pm and 6:00pm, [...]

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Achievers for the Month June 2018

As a continuing theme throughout 2018, we are taking the time to recognise achievements completed by children and young people in our care. For June 2018, we had some great Achievers of the month. Four children completed some positive steps: One child was rewarded for settling [...]

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‘Challenging but fair’: the new inspection regime for children’s services

Cafcass has become only the fourth children’s social work organisation in England to be rated outstanding. Will others reach that mark under a new system? The introduction of the new inspections of local authority children’s services (Ilacs) system has been met with some trepidation from the sector. After all, under the previous single inspection framework, almost one [...]

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Walsall & Wolverhampton Cinemas Donate to Freedom Fostering

Our Social Workers have been working hard to improve our family-friendly  rooms at Freedom Fostering HQ. We aspire to make the building inviting to all attending children and young people, so that they enjoy the space together with our staff.   It's important for us to provide spaces that they can feel relaxed, supported and inclusive.  Our Education Room [...]

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Take Away Your Worries With Our Worry Monster!

We're helping to take away your worries with our Worry Monster, who now sits pride of place in our Social Work Office! Kristen and the team have a new Assistant to help all of our children and young people deal with their worries and stresses. Our new monster is yet to be named, and we [...]

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