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The Story of LGBT Foster Carers

When word got out locally, back in the late 1980s, that Jo and her partner Liz were planning to adopt Lucy*, the little girl they had been fostering, it was not an easy time. “We had dog poo through our door, people saying it was shameful, that we shouldn’t be doing this,” Jo, now 60, [...]

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Urgent Need For Foster Families Throughout England

More than 8,000 new foster families across the UK need to be found in the coming year to ensure that all fostered children can be found the right foster home first time, according to leading fostering charity The Fostering Network. The need is particularly for families to offer homes to teenagers and groups of brothers [...]

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7 Reasons Why Being A Foster Carer Is The Best

Bringing a child into your home can be an equally exciting and daunting prospect.  With it comes the opportunity to create positive memories, structure and inspiration for their future.  Children and young people in care often arrive anxious and bewildered, so it's important to make steps to put them at ease. Like all foster carers, we [...]

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Fun Summer Ideas For Your Family!

With the summer fast approaching, it can be hard to find local fun summer ideas for your family to keep them active without breaking the bank. Northycote Farm Northycote Farm has on its site a Tudor farmhouse which is steeped in history. The farmhouse itself is not always open to the public, but throughout the year, [...]

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