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Local Businesses & Organisations Support Freedom Fostering at Christmas

Several local businesses within the West Midlands and Shropshire came together this year for the festive period to support us, offering gifts, donations and money for the children's gifts.  Jade Lloyd, one of our students also did us proud by raising £70 towards Children's Activities over the Christmas period. We would personally like to thank: The [...]

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Managing Eating Issues In Foster Children

It's not uncommon to find eating problems in children who are in foster care.  This often surfaces from not being fed regularly or consistently which develops into a survivalist mentality.  Understanding the reasons behind eating issues in foster children can help families to better tackle and overcome difficult meal times. I have a picky eater [...]

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Putting a STOP to Bullying: Top Tips for Foster Carers

The Anti-Bullying Week 2017 theme this year was "All Equal, All Different, and All Together". Its aim is to support schools and youth organisations to celebrate difference and diversity; bring children and young people together to celebrate what makes them and others unique; and help create welcoming and inclusive environments both off and online for [...]

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Welcoming a Foster Child Into Your Home

Everyone can relate to an overwhelming experience of being brought somewhere new as a child, like a first day of school. Although we think we know how it feels to be a foster child coming into a new home, in reality, we don't unless we've experienced fostering first hand. Welcoming a foster child into your [...]

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